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Frequently Asked Questions about our Products


May I take CMO if I am taking prescribed pain medications?

Check with your healthcare provider but tell them that this product is natural and does not interfere with any prescription. If you can eat butter you can take CMO. CMO is one of the fatty acid esters in butter.


How will I know the CMO is working if my joint discomfort does not subside in a few days?

CMO is not a pain reliever. It is better described as an immune system adjuster. Dr. Sands states in his book that CMO works on the memory T cells and alters the immune response of these cells. The repair takes time and varies from one person to another. Usually one notices some relief in a week or two. The total response for most usually occurs 1-3 months after finishing 2 bottles.


What is your guarantee?

Anyone who takes 2 bottles of our CMO and follows the suggested use, may request a full product price refund if they do not feel they benefited from our CMO and HPR. Please give the product a minimum of 60 days after finishing it to decide if you need a refund. Natural repair takes time.


Why do I need to take CMO for only 10 – 20 days?

If CMO is helpful for you the effects are long lasting. Customers report that they are enjoying a better quality of life years after finishing 2 bottles. The personal experiences of the owners of PermaHEALTH are also a testament to the long term benefits. Al is still playing tennis a couple of times a week at age 87. He has taken a bottle of CMO 3 times during our 17 years in this business. The need arose as new joint discomforts showed up.  Some have told us they take a bottle yearly for optimal joint maintenance.


If CMO is so amazing why doesn’t my rheumatologist or GP recommend it?

Doctors practicing medicine in the USA are required to abide by FDA and AMA guidelines when treating patients. Those guidelines do not include suggesting or monitoring the use of natural (un-patentable) substances, procedures or equipment. If they do not adhere to the required regulations they could possibly lose their ability to maintain their mal-practice insurance, they could lose referrals from other doctors or as has happened to some, have their office and files raided by the FDA and possibly be taken to court by the FDA and or jailed. Some are too concerned about possible repercussions to even feel comfortable discussing alternative options. Here is an effective way to get your doctor’s opinion: Ask, “Is there any valid medical reason why I should not take this supplement?”  “We don’t know anything about it, so don’t waste your money,” is NOT a valid medical reason! You may want to print out or simply read and understand a couple of the studies described on


Who should not take CMO?

There does not seem to be any counter indication for CMO use. We have had reports of positive immune response from customers with a variety of auto immune challenges. Always consult your healthcare provider before stating any new supplement.



Balance Bracelet FAQ

What is the Balance Bracelet made of?

The Balance Bracelet has a multi strand flexible band made of stainless steel. This quality flexible band offers the ultimate in wearing comfort. The round terminals on the Two Tone are a base alloy coated in 18 and 24 Karat Cobalt Hardened Gold. The Balance Bracelet does not use copper or magnets.

The terminals on the all silver style have 20 microns of quality grade silver coating.

The various Quartz models have actual semi precious stones used as the terminals.

How does the Balance Bracelet acquire its unique properties?

The bracelets are treated in a chamber where they absorb the properties that have created their world wide demand. The actual process is a proprietary one used for over 20 years.

How long does it work?

The length of time the bracelet works varies with each individual. Most Balance Bracelets last between 12 to 24 months. For some they last 3 or 4 years. You will know when it is time to purchase a new bracelet as the benefits you've enjoyed over the past couple of years will diminish.

How soon after I put on my bracelet will I notice benefits?

The bracelet affects each person in a different way, because it adapts to the wearer's body. There are people who tell us they feel benefits from the bracelet within a few moments and others who may not notice anything for several days or weeks.

How should it be worn?

You should initially wear the Balance Bracelet on your right wrist with the two terminals facing upright. If you do not feel any difference after 72 hours you should then wear the Bracelet on your left wrist with the two terminals facing down.

What if I wear a pacemaker or other electrical device?

Please consult your doctor before wearing a Balance Bracelet if you have any electrical implant.

Can I wear it with other jewelry or next to my watch?

The Bracelet will be more effective for a longer period of time if it is worn not touching other metals. Wearing rings on the fingers of the same hands is fine.

Can I swim or shower with my bracelet on?

Yes, our high quality materials allows you to wear it 24/7. The metals and stones are not adversely affected by ocean water, pool water, soaps or shampoos. However currents or waves in the ocean or other body of water you may swim in may force the bracelet off of your arm. Please take care to secure your bracelet before swimming.

What might shorten the lifespan of my bracelet?

Wearing it to bed when using an electric blanket that is turned ON. You may wish to heat the bed and turn the current off before getting in. This will not affect your bracelet.

Wearing your bracelet while sleeping on a magnetic mattress or mattress pad .

Placing it, for more than a few minutes, on a metal surface such as a washer, dryer or car.

Storing it in a jewelry box or drawer where it is touching other metal.

Putting it in your pocket with loose coins or a metal money clip.

Passing it around for others to wear for a day or two.

Will airport security scanners adversely affect my Balance Bracelet?

The experience of those of us who travel frequently and always wear a Balance Bracelet has been that the bracelet's effectiveness is not altered by airport security scanners.

Which style works best?

All styles of Balance Bracelets are identically manufactured and offer the same benefits. The different styles are offered to accommodate personal preferences and give you the option to collect a "Balance Bracelet wardrobe" that truly makes a fashion statement no matter what you are wearing.


TerraQuant FAQ:

Where can I find more technical information about the low level lasers?

Give our Customer Service Department a call 800 224 8912 and if they are unable to answer your questions they will put you in touch with the international specialist.


Is there a way I can try this unit for a month?

No. loaners are not available but if you are not happy with the unit you may return it within the first 30 days after purchase for a 10% of purchase price restocking fee.


Can this low level laser be used on pets?

Yes, it was actually approved for veterinary use in this country BEFORE it was FDA cleared for use on humans on humans.


Is this unit dangerous in any way?

No this is not like the cutting lasers used in the medical field. This unit is safe and turns off automatically in a few minutes.  The only precaution is: do not shine it directly into your eyes at close range for any period of time. Wear the goggles provided if using it on your face.

FDA Disclaimer:

The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health condition or concern, consult a physician or your alternative health care provider. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing new exercises.