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In 1995, we started our internet business offering an amazing natural product, CMO cerasomal cis-9-cetyl myristoleate) combined with HPR ( a homeopathic arthritis pain reliever).  Review the studies at  . Since that small beginning we have expanded to where we now market several products, all alternative health solutions that have been helpful to us personally.

Much has been learned from our unconditional refund policy. Al keeps meticulous records of refunds. We review them. We have learned what works most of the time and what works for or is preferred by only a few.  We have adjusted what we offer accordingly.

Since that first uncertain step into cyber space PermaHEALTH has garnered quite a bit of marketing data, mostly from, guess who? Our customers! Our loyal, diverse, intelligent, helpful, occasionally frustrated, customers with their questions, needs, sharing, and yes, their friendship, have been pivotal in the direction of our growth as an online marketer.

Learning how to respond to this new world of customers when we cannot read their facial expressions, nor they ours, is a skill set in progress. We operate among the intelligent, the inquisitive, the anxious, the concerned, all who think outside the medical treatment box. Now that I have reached age 75, I have a personal life health history of ups and downs, all experiences that help me help our customers. It is 2013 now and my 87 year old husband, Al. manages the books and even answers the phone when he is not at one of his 3 weekly tennis games.

 PermaHEALTH’s Competitive Edge?

Our customer service is one of the best on the internet because our small staff are all fully trained in each product line. They have used, and/or evaluated each one, and can therefore, answer your questions from personal experience, not from a sheet of paper telling them what to say. All products are not perfect for all people. Having help deciding what may be best for your particular needs, can be extremely valuable. It can save you time, frustration and money. At this writing we have the same people working with us now as we had in 1995. They know many of our repeat customers by name.

Check out our products,, ask questions, ask for studies, ask for experiences, pick our brains for the information you are looking for that will enable you make an informed decision. We value your input, respect your opinion and learn from you, the world of consumers, many now our friends, that we have connected to over the years.

Wishing you blessings and a wealth of health!

Marge Berger, CEO

863 427 4692 - office

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