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  PermaHEALTH, Inc. Your Authorized Needak Dealer


Toil and sweat your way to fitness no more! Rebounding aerobics is here! A non-strenuous exercise system with more benefits than ordinary sports like tennis or jogging, rebounding makes exhausting workouts a thing of the past.

If you desire to:

  BRING wellness back to your life
  REDUCE excess fat and flab on your legs, thighs, arms and hips
  INCREASE your agility 
  IMPROVE your sense of balance, strength and firmness to muscles all over your body 
  SHARPEN mental focus



The NEEDAK REBOUNDER is your solution.


  You can also:
  REHIBILATATE after physical injury
  PROVIDE aerobic effort for the heart
  INHALE more air by increasing lung capacity 
  IMPROVE vision by strengthening eye muscles
  EXERCISE the internal organs in a way no other motion can. 
  REJUVENATE a tired body in a living room, basement, garage, or at the office



All done naturally, pleasurably and scientifically on a NEEDAK REBOUNDER


How does the rebounder help you accomplish all this?

Like many health discoveries of the twentieth century, rebounding aerobics operates on simple principles. With each gentle bounce you do, sixty trillion body cells are pitted against the earth's gravitational pull. This interaction strengthens every cell in the body while saving strain on its muscles and joints. The result is better health with less exertion.

Our PermaHEALTH Inc family, young and old, all use this marvelous piece of equipment, many use it on a daily basis. Gentle enjoyable exercise that we feel helps build our strength, wellness and aids in mental clarity.

Like many of our unique products there are a bunch of rebounder copycat products advertised across the internet.  Shop wisely, investigate thoroughly, and learn how they are made, repaired and sold  before purchasing.


Several books have been written about the health benefits of this pleasurable exercise method. One, Jumping for Health, by noted health writer, Morton Walker, who tells us, "Rebounding may be enjoyed for a lifetime and adjusted to your own particular level of fitness. It is safe, convenient and inexpensive, and its protective effects against degenerative diseases make it one of the most effective forms of motion in the work place, in recreational pursuits, or in simply exercising for the care of your body and mind."

Call our customer service 800 224 8912  with your questions knowing that whoever answers the phone has used a Needak  rebounder for many years to support their personal wellness goals. Shipped next business day directly from the Needak Manufacturer in the USA.


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